“I went to see Henry after trying unsuccessfully with my husband to conceive.  From the very first moment we spoke (after asking detailed questions about my diet and medical history), Henry was confident that we would achieve our goal.  He was calm and professional and positive and I couldn’t wait for our first session.  Henry did not let me down.  

Even when a less-than-professional doctor told me my only chance of getting pregnant was a donor (which she spelled as “donar” on the report) egg or IVF (and even if I managed to get pregnant she said I’d have trouble “holding onto” the baby) Henry calmly urged me not to listen to her and that he was secure that all would work out.  We worked on my diet, had regular acupuncture sessions, created herbal supplements just for me and he gave me a routine of Qigong exercises,  affirmations and aura pumping.  

After only a few months, my pulse changed.  My tongue changed.  I was PREGNANT!!!  I was nervous, because of what the “doctor” had said.  Henry remained calm and happy for me.  He gave me new herbs and exercises.  I saw him throughout the pregnancy. With the herbs and Qigong to support a healthy pregnancy (and quite frankly I felt better than I ever had in my life…) we had a very successful labor and birth.  

I’m sure that my hormonal stability and my affirmations and my  balanced body from acupuncture allowed me to achieve my amazing all natural water birth with absolutely no interventions. I should add that this was my first pregnancy at age 36.  Now, my husband and I have a very healthy and happy 8 week old baby girl.  I have seen that there is not enough pre-conception care.  If you want it, you really have to do the research.  If a woman wants to open a conversation about fertility, she is told automatically that she is infertile.  That is the prescribed language.  Women are not told by their doctors to go to an acupuncturist or to make sure they have enough antioxidants or other vitamins and nutrients.  They are told they are infertile and urged to spend 10-20 thousand dollars on treatments.  Henry never used that language and always had complete faith in his and MY abilities.  My husband and I like to joke and say that Henry got us pregnant!  We love Henry, we believe in him, and we will ALWAYS be grateful for him.” – A. S.

“I’ve been to a few other acupuncture specialists and Henry’s knowledge, skill, and general table side manner has outshone all of them.

I presented with severe migraines (onset from a false aneurysm), jaw tension (from a broken jaw), back pain ( from the traumatic incident  where my jaw broke), and a general feeling of stress. Henry helped with all of these symptoms, explaining the location & purpose of every point he would use on my body. 

I saw Henry several times a week and after just three weeks I showed tremendous improvement (after every session I felt better as well!), so much that I attended his Qi Gong classes, where the meditative setting greatly helped get me on my feet and moving.

I could compliment him for pages of text and details, but the best thing worth saying is if you’re hesitant about acupuncture, give Henry a call and schedule an appointment. He answered ALL of my questions and if I hadn’t moved up to NorCal for a job, I’d still be seeing him weekly.” – G. M.

“Henry’s acupuncture treatments have allowed me to walk comfortably again without pain. This has been the only thing that has lessened the neuroma in my foot. I had been to two podiatrists and an orthopedic surgeon, and I had received a variety of treatments over four year’s time.  Henry’s acupuncture is the only way I have found relief.” – L. A.

“Dr Henry Jun Wah Lee is a very skilled, intuitive acupuncturist and Qi Gong instructor. Through Henry’s Qi Gong instruction and his acupuncture treatments I have noticed great improvement in the rehabilitation of my knee as well as a clear decrease in low back pain. I am also generally less anxious and sleep much better than I have in years. 

As a Qi Gong instructor, Henry is encouraging and patient. One never feels lost, yet in each class you learn and experience something new. His classes are well structured and allow for students at all levels. Within each class there is time devoted to a specific theme (such as a specific organ system, or breathing technique) as well as a generalized practice. The practice of Qi Gong has allowed me to be an active participant in my healing process. 

When I began individual Qi Gong lessons, and receiving acupuncture treatments my heath improved rapidly. The range of motion in my knee is now to the point where I can sit in half lotus, whereas before I could not even sit basic cross-legged. My low back too, has greater mobility and does not stiffen from prolonged sitting. The difference between Henry and many other health practitioners, is that he treats health issues as a whole puzzle system instead of separate, unrelated pieces. 

I am truly grateful for the Dr Lee’s Qi Gong instruction and acupuncture treatments.” – M.P.

“What can I say? I found Henry from a Google search for qigong and acupuncture as my sister suggested it would help with fertility. The very first class was wonderful and I would echo everything said about Henry in the previous reviews. I felt more comfortable than I ever had in a yoga class and was much more relaxed afterwards. The moves were so simple, I could easily practice at home right away. I also started seeing him for acupuncture once a week. He assured me that his practice would improve my chances for pregnancy by readying my body for a baby and creating a safe place so that the baby would mature in my womb in a healthy way. After only two months, he had regulated my period to a 28-day cycle, the ideal for fertility. As I continued the qigong, I felt better than I had in years. My acne improved, my general aches and pain subsided and I felt calm and relaxed as I went through my day. It was amazing. I felt like I had a real partner in my overall health. After about a year and a half with no Western medicine intervention (although I had taken all the tests to ensure my fertility), I got pregnant at the age of 43 with no prior pregnancies! At that point. we wanted to ensure a healthy baby so I continued to see Henry every two weeks. He guided my diet, exercise, and mental well-being towards a pretty easy pregnancy and birth. My perfect, beautiful son is now 17 months old and I can’t ever thank Henry enough for giving me the hope, and helping me see it through. I think one of the most important pieces of his practice is the self-empowerment piece. He taught me a meditation called Aura-pumping that I used daily to focus on my goals, own them and see them through. In the process I found my husband, whom I adore, and had our beautiful baby. When I first went to Henry I was single and trying to have a baby on my own. Henry taught me that I really can have everything that I want, that my body and mind are powerful tools within my control to create my own reality. This is usually all talk, but Henry shows you the practical side of really doing that. If there is anything that you want in your life, or simply to improve and live on a higher plane of enlightenment and connection with people and our planet, then see Henry. His kindness, centeredness, and skill will guide you to your dreams, as along as you are an active and willing participant. Thank you, Henry! 

And see his videos, too. He is a highly talented nature photographer.http://vimeo.com/evosia” – S. G.

“I have been a patient of Henry Lee’s for over five years and possibly close to ten, going back to the time when he practiced in Santa Monica and Pasadena.

I’ve always been impressed with the completeness of his service. It’s a holistic approach that makes me feel like my whole life gets taken care of, not just a handful of symptoms and complaints.

As a person who likes to know how things work, he was great explaining the concepts behind Eastern medicine in simple terms that make it easier to take it into my every day life.

If you want to get away from the pill culture, or simply find additional ways to improve your health and energy, this is the place.” – I. N.

“Henry is a terrific doctor. I remember having a terrible migraine headache and what felt like a low-grade fever prior to receiving acupuncture. Immediately during my session, I felt my body temperature cool down and I felt more at ease. My headache disappeared soon after taking out the needles. I have never experienced relief from anything before that quickly. After missing a full day from work, thankfully I was able to return to work the very next day feeling myself again. Thank you, Henry for your compassion but also for knowing how to respond effectively to what my bodies current needs were.” – D. D.

“When I couldn’t lift my left foot up and had no sensation in my lower left leg, I went to see doctor Henry Lee. Although I had never had acupuncture treatment before, he had described how it works to me many times, and I was confident that he could help my left leg get back to normal health. When I told my neurologist I was getting acupuncture with Henry, he said that this was good as acupuncture would help my leg’s nerves recover by stimulating them, or, as Henry would say, channeling the body’s energy. Sure enough, my three sessions with Dr. Lee helped my leg heal and within a couple of weeks I was able to regain full motion and strength in my leg and foot, which was just in time for my trip to Yosemite. I highly recommend Dr. Lee’s valuable services both due to his high degree of medical professionalism and his impeccable integrity. I now plan on utilizing his medical services regularly to help maintain my health.” – A. W.

“I travel often to Los Angeles for freelance work and was very happy to find Henry’s group Qigong through a google search.  You will want to log onto Henry’s website to sign up in advance, and get the location and times of classes.  I went to a Saturday morning class in the large public garden, at Venice High School.  The group class provided a good energy and the pricing is quite reasonable.  You should take correct change if possible, as you will pay in cash.  You may also want to bring a yoga mat, as there a few exercises laying on the ground.  This class was exactly what I was hoping for, and I’d done extensive research and knew each instructor would have vastly different styles.  I instantly connected to Henry’s calm inner peace and found him to be an excellent instructor.  For such a young man, Henry is wise and a great Doctor of Chinese Medicine.  His eyes are kind and his voice very calming and reassuring, which took away any insecurity as a first time Qigong student.  Although I felt a bit clumsy mirroring the moves that Henry was demonstrating, they were gently flowing and not difficult in any way.  After several repetitions I was able to do reasonably graceful moves.  Appropriate explanations or history of various moves were offered by Henry, as we learned some beginning practices of Qigong.  It is true, virtually anyone could participate at their own ability level and Henry kindly offers some individualized guidance during the learning process.  I can honestly say I will hope to have reason to travel to Los Angeles often, so that I can attend Henry’s group sessions or schedule a private appointment.  Having such a feeling of connection with Henry, I decided to book an accupuncture appointment that included a private qigong instruction catered to my health needs.  Before the accupuncture session, Henry spent considerable time listening as I described some worrisome symptoms that I hoped to heal with Qi Gong.  I found Henry’s calm voice and manner very helpful in relieving my discomfort at discussing what medical concerns I wanted to work on.  I was taught a very specific excercise for healing my condition and Henry practiced it with me several times until he was sure that I had learned it well enough to continue on my own in the future.  I highly recommend Henry Lee to anyone who is serious about self-healing.  Thank you Henry for a wonderful introduction into Medical Healing Qigong.  I know it will bring my health back to a much better place.” – C. D.

“It is a great pleasure to know Henry and receive his acupuncture therapy. Be honest, I did not believe in acupuncture in the beginning. However, I was pregnant and suffering from huge back pain. I tried Yoga and massage, but the pain still torture me so much. With a little hope, I found Henry and seek for a help. Now I am a big fan of Henry, not only because of his outstanding practice and knowledge, but also because of his caring mind and good manner.

Since I am pregnant, Henry avoid to put needles near my belly,  instead put needles in my ears, head, legs and hands. He called it as distance therapy. After the first treatment, my back pain is disappeared. It is really like a magic. 

I feel confident to refer Henry to my friends, co-worker and family.  I hope that he can treat more people and relieve them from the pain.” – S. M.