Evosia Wellness is a holistic and natural healing center. Call us to make an appointment or for a free consultation about what acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can do for you.

We are available by appointment only. Morning, afternoon and evening treatments are available. Please call to inquire.

Contact Information:
Phone: (323) 540-4180
Email: info@EvosiaWellness.com

2001 S Barrington Ave, Suite 314
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Planning Your First Visit
For your first visit, please plan on spending up to one and a half hours in the office. We go over your medical history in detail and spend time talking about your state of health.

Many insurance plans in California do cover acupuncture. Please call us to verify your insurance coverage. Note that there is no guarantee acupuncture treatments will be covered in all or in part. All patients are responsible for treatment fees.