Philipp MinnigPhilipp is a Licensed and Certified Massage Practitioner and Aroma Therapist in the state of California. Born and raised in Mannheim, Germany, he has spent the past ten years travelling the US, Europe and South America as a musician and curiosity seeker. Discovering a similar sense of freedom and wellbeing in music and the healing arts, Philipp has found bodywork as a means to bridge the gap between art and medicine.

Philipp’s intention is to make clients feel more at ease with themselves and to help them achieve a physical state more conducive to healing and living peaceful, prosperous lives. With focus on the connected touch–aiming to bring mind, body and spirit into harmony–Philipp customizes each massage session to the needs of his clients, drawing from a variety of modalities such as Swedish Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Chair Massage, Stretching, and Aroma Therapy.

Along with relieving pain and stress, massage can help the body to let go of experiences stored in the soft tissue (muscle memory) that the mind has long learned to suppress. In conjunction with bodywork, Aroma Therapy can not only act as a powerful healer, but as a tool for personal transformation.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” Hippocrates



“I worked with Philipp Minnig who was just amazing. With a very gentle and healing touch, he worked on my stiff and crooked back until I felt completely relaxed and like new! Philip has a natural gift and a comfortable manner filled with wisdom and thoughtfulness. He spent time with me before the bodywork to get to know me and what kind of healing my body needed that day. If I lived in Los Angeles, I would be coming to see him at the center all the time! I highly recommend his work and the Evosia Wellness Center!” – M.A.