Sherra Cunningham, L.Ac.

sherra yosan
I am a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist and physician in the holistic art of Chinese medicine. I graduated from Yo San University with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Washington. Both degrees were received with highest honors.

My interest in Chinese medicine was inspired while working as a case manager for oncology teams and patients at major medical centers. Over the 16 years I spent in this environment, I became increasingly passionate about empowering and supporting patient’s innate healing potential. I have a great respect for western medicine/science, but observed that the individual patient can be lost as the disease becomes the focus. I see this as a lost opportunity because there are many ways a patient can participate in their own recovery. Chinese medicine is an exceptionally empowering healing option. It can be integrated with current western treatments as an opportunity to increase healing and wellbeing. It can also treat many syndromes on its own as documented by the World Health Organization.

Your body is miraculously resilient and works diligently to maintain harmony but sometimes it needs support. Disharmony speaks through your symptoms. Diagnosis includes looking at your tongue, taking pulse and personal interview to determine how your body is functioning and where/why the disharmony is occurring. Acupuncture, herbs and cupping are the tools I use to promote balance and help your body regain harmony. I view myself not only as a healthcare provider, but as a facilitator, teacher and guide who nurtures your body’s intrinsic natural healing ability.

The holistic perspective of Chinese medicine addresses environment, emotions, lifestyle and diet to allow a personalized assessment. This can identify factors which may be contributing to illness. Chinese medicine values food as powerful medicine. Nutritional coaching is an important aspect of my work with you. Awareness of diet and lifestyle choices and their effects on health allow you to take control and be proactive. Learning the subtle language of the body and answering to its various complaints through Chinese medicine gives you the capability to influence your own health. Sometimes very simple changes can be extraordinarily beneficial to support and sustain best health.

My clinical work includes the West Hollywood Being Alive HIV+/AIDS Outreach clinic, Children’s Hospital Chronic Pain Clinic and Yo San University Clinic. I have studied with experts specializing in the areas of Psychology and Stress Reduction, Nutrition, Women’s Health, Autoimmune Disorders, Dermatology, Pediatrics and Medicinal Herbs. I am certified in Elizabeth Wakefield’s method of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture and also studied pain treatments with Dr. Kord of the Venice Family Pain Clinic.

Whether you’re dealing with the common cold, everyday stress, acute or chronic issues know that I can help through the 3,000 year old wisdom of Chinese medicine. Partnering with you, we can help your body find harmony and healing.

When I’m not at Evosia Wellness, you can find me enjoying the many independent musicians and artists of Los Angeles, playing in mountains, deserts and oceans, participating in activism for social justice and healthy food while loving on animals, family, and friends.


“I highly recommend Sherra for acupuncture!
I just hurt my knee playing tennis and Sherra’s needling just totally relieved me! Her patient guidance was so helpful and comforting. She has also treated me for pains in my hands from the tedious handwork that I do on a daily basis.
She has even cured my hiccups with one needle!
She is also excellent for stress and anxiety- I always walk away feeling 100% better.
Thank you, Sherra!” – T.P.